In the age of the 60th Abhorsen, The Old Kingdom has experienced an unusually long length of peace reigning through the Kingdom.  The Keepers of the Gate, known also as the Abhorsen Corps, fought for generations to create this peace.  Vanquishing many of the Kingdom's enemies long ago, the current Corps has grown lax and the Abhorsen's have fallen out of favor with the populace.  People have forgotten what it was like to live in fear of the dead.  There is one out there that would remind them of what they have forgotten.

As the Kingdom searches for an errant Princess, who will stand against their new enemies?  Chaos Stones have popped up, seemingly overnight, which disrupt the Charter and no one seems to be aware of their origins.  The Clayr whisper amongst themselves of one known only as The Forsaken.  Is this a new enemy of the Kingdom or one so old as to have been forgotten by history itself?

Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

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