Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

As The Crow Flies

We stay overnight in the witches’ village.

Finn wakes up in the night because he senses someone using a massive amount of magic outside our cabin. Finn goes outside to investigate. There is a circle of The Whispered Dark on the ground and the witches are there. Herne is with them too. The witches spookily turn to look at Finn. Herne smiles at Finn and tells him to get into the circle quickly. Finn looks at his arm and sees the binding that Hadasa put on it has mostly faded. Finn hastily agrees. Herne lifts a sword and brings it down on Finn’s arm. And then Finn wakes up from the nightmare.

In the real world Finn’s arm is not doing too well. The veins have spread. Finn goes and wakes up Corian to show him. Corian attempts some of his nice Free Magic but the infection absorbs the energy. Corian does something to decrease the pain but by dawn the infection is spreading still quickly. Corian wants to go see Herne but Finn insists they bring Evie too.

They call Herne away from breakfast to talk to him. Herne says Finn’s infection shouldn’t be this bad in this short amount of time. Herne starts calling to the witches but Finn and Evie stop him. Finn asks if Herne is going to chop his arm off. Herne says of course not. But Finn and Evie are still very anxious. Herne goes to speak to the witches to arrange a ritual.

The Sisters of Whispered Darkness start to draw a circle just like in Finn’s dream. The ritual is very deva vu for Finn and he stands still when Herne beckons him into the circle. Free Magic chanting creeps everyone else out. The witches bring Herne a box that looks an awful lot like the small pyramid artifact that Evie found on the pirate ship weeks ago.

The Free Magic creature rips itself out of Finn’s arm and he screams. The creature falls into the box. Finn’s muscles are shredded on his arm; it hangs limp and useless. The witches rush forward with healing Charter Magic. They seem to replace Finn’s missing musculature with vines and leaves, binding it together in a Charter spell. The witches say his skin will grow over it in time, but for now he needs to make sure nothing interferes with the Charter magic holding it together.

We get back to Weylyn and Herne tells them off. Dipper tells us that he wants to come back with us. Dipper says he wants Roxy to show him around the mainland. 

Ariel and Evie feel death above the party. It is a Gore crow. Then a swarm chasing after the first. Muriel sounds the alarm. Evie sends dark fire at the swarm. Finn sends shooting star at the remaining swarm.

The gore crow gives Evie a message from Romaniel about trouble in Ganel. We remember the prince telling us that new chaos stones had popped up in Ganel. 

We decide to head to Ganel. We head back to Belisare  on the way to Ganel. 

Roxy meets up with Mal. She tells him that we are going to Ganel. He tells Roxy that the King is back. The rumors are true, new chaos stones have arisen. The King has called for all available abhorsens to go to Ganel. 

Muriel sneaks a Evie-disguised Finn into the castle to see the King. They are taken to different rooms than ever before, with much more security. The King is pleased to see them. And when Finn drops the glamour, the King is ecstatic. The King says he had the charges against Finn dropped in light of the dangers in Ganel. The King hasn't known who to trust. He says that people have been turned by the chaos stones and now call themselves the Lords of Chaos. This cult is trying to destroy those who worship the charter. Romaniel is missing in action. 

Finn tries to check the King's the charter mark. Muriel leaves graciously after dealing with third wheel syndrome for a moment. She goes to find Quinona. 

Finn and the King "check each other's charter marks". :) The King says he could use Finn's help running the kingdom. Yep. He's proposing. On one knee and everything. There is a kinda yes and sex, let's call it hot sex on the royal fuckin table!!!!!!

end scene. 



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