Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

Burdened with Terrible Knowledge

A Clayr, Desdria, approaches Corian in the mess hall and hits on him. But she has more serious matters to discuss with him – about the island. She apparently has Seen the Island of Wailing Pines and he will be there when his people need him. And, she says, his (their?) daughter will be there in eighteen years too. Corian has glacier sexy times.

Muriel is in the Abhorsen's quarters sleeping and wakes up very cold. She turns on a Charter spelled lamp and sees a trail of ice into her room. She gets up and takes a peek outside her room and Evie has cast a diamond of protection and must have gone far into death. Muriel gets closer and she thinks it really is Evie. Muriel kneels in front of her and goes into Death too.

Muriel wakes in the River of Death and follows their long-used Charter marker to guide each other to where we are. It looks like Evie is in the Sixth Precinct. As she goes to follow her Muriel hears the ringing of Astarael and is swept past the First Gate. She's swept past the Second, Third, and Fourth Gates. Franticly in Fifth Precinct she is able to slow herself from being swept through. But she books it for the Fifth Gate.

In the Sixth Precinct Evie is kneeling and Muriel approaches her. Evie tells Muriel that Arielle is still there, trapped in death. Muriel denies that it could be true, but Evie points to Arielle standing staring back at them. Muriel is frozen in fear and shock as Arielle's mouth opens in a silent scream and bubbles escape instead of sound. Then Muriel wakes up in a cold sweat in the Abhorsen quarters.

Finn is back in the Library looking for books on illness borne of Free Magic. He finds some disturbing accounts of Free Magic eating away at people, disfiguring of limbs, or slowing influencing their actions in sinister ways. Finn spends some time freaking himself out over the implications.

Roxy calls a meeting over breakfast. She tells us about the note from Garnelle to the Prince. We also have a discussion about the Corruption Stones and the Three Sisters at the Gate poem.

Muriel pulls Evie into the other room and tells her about her dream. Evie says she's looked for Arielle so many times. This is news to Muriel. Evie thinks that they need to look for Arielle in Death and Muriel says absolutely not. She's worried they will release The Forsaken somehow. They decide the others need to know.

We decide to look more into the Princess's stay at the Clayr's Glacier before leaving. Since Princess Aranelle was descended from Clayr she probably was staying in Clayr quarters. Roxy is unable to get ahold of the Head Librarian though. We look to Corian to do some asking around. Corian's apparently been the apple of a few Clayr's eye since we've been here so it's not tough for him to strike up a flirtatious conversation. She leads him to some quarters where she claims the Princess was staying. Aranelle mostly kept to herself and resented her lack of belonging in the Clayr. It was also traumatizing for her first vision to be of her own death. Aranelle left about a week ago and did not say where she was going. The Clayr didn't not have much success in Seeing where the Princess was going either. Corian looks through the room and finds a book about survival in cold climates. He promises to return it to the library. And then he "makes her really happy."

After awhile Corian returns and shows us the book. We determine that north is where she was heading. We decide to see if there were any other books Aranelle may have checked out. Roxy cannot find a Clayr she would ask for help, and she can't remember where records of who has checked out books would be. Luckily Evie does remember and they nab some records. Aranelle checked out an atlas of the northern regions, and also books about the northern Athask tribes. That is, the tribe of people to which the Princess's betrothed belongs to. And also that's where Evie's strange pyramid artifact is from.

We decide we need to return to Belisare to relay information. Muriel makes the arrangements for the Symphony to depart tomorrow.

Roxy makes an effort to access her Sight relating to The Forsaken. The Sight takes her north to the Rift. She Sees two pyramids of black and red and giant chunks of Chaos Stones. Then she is thrown into the Rift and she Sees the city encased in ice. There is a white and gold building in the center of town that has a particularly thick sheet of ice over it. It is this city's Library and Roxy's Sight takes her inside it. There is a tall lanky firey-eyed thing there, but the fire is silvery blue. The thing is browsing the library, but then it looks directly at Roxy. Its mouth opens and it says in a feminine voice, "Oh that is very rude! How dare you!" It shuts the book and stomps down the hall. Roxy breaks the Sight.

Roxy tells us she thinks she Saw The Forsaken. It was a Greater Dead. Evie and Muriel point out that often when things see you back in such visions they typically hurt you rather than stomping away and leaving.

Evie copies the note going to Ramoniel and sends a message by hawk. We all have dinner and go to sleep. Corian finds more pleasant company for the night.

Muriel and Evie both wake up feeling unease and smell Free Magic. Muriel gets out of bed and slings on her bells immediately. Evie also hears a hum of Free Magic energy coming from where Finn is sleeping. And Evie's treasure chest with the pyramid is gone. Evie creeps outside Finn's door and Muriel notices, asking if that's where the Free Magic is coming from. Evie opens the door. Finn is asleep, but his hand is reached out holding the pyramid. An eye over his shoulder appears, sees us, and Finn drops as does the pyramid.

We wake up Finn and tell him what happened. His Free Magic-tainted hand and arm are exposed and he frantically searches for his glove. We discuss with him about the Free Magic accident. Muriel suggests we discuss this more in the morning with Roxy and Corian involved.

When Evie wakes up she notices that though she did cast a Diamond of Protection around the pyramid after the events of last night, the little soap stone dog is sitting on the chest. Evie takes it and puts it back in her pocket. Evie goes to check on Finn. He says he's really tired because he stayed up longer.

Finn doesn't bother putting on his glove for breakfast. He tells the whole group about his Free Magic problem and that Hastenian may want to do some experiments on him.

On the way back to the airship Evie catches something out of the corner of her eye. It's Arielle staring back at her as she turns. The rest of the group keeps walking past Evie. Evie hears Mosrael ring and Arielle's eyes open. Her mouth opens, her eyes burst into silver-blue flame, and the ice around her cracks and starts flying toward Evie's face. She casts an armor spell on herself reflexively but then Arielle is gone. Evie falls to her knees and starts sobbing. Muriel runs back to find her and comfort her.

Finn casts detect magic and feels something like a scrying spell. He tells Evie and Muriel about this.

Evie and Roxy thank Garnelle, Pearl, and Amathym and they give Roxy a present. It is a box with a Charter-spelled knife inside.

We take off and it's clear sailing all the way to Belisare.


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