Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

Hail to the King, Baby

We find at the safe house for the Unseen:

  • 2 basic charter spelled swords
  • a magic wand shaped like a unicorn horn (but made of wood)
  • 2 sets of bows + quivers (5 normal arrows, 5 charter-spelled arrows each)
  • a strange amulet shaped like a sun with white stone in the middle


Finn examines the wand, the Alicorn Wand, and knows it has 10 charges of 10 different spells. He can tell the amulet, the Sunstone Amulet, is tapped out. Muriel takes one of the bow & quiver sets. Evie takes a Charter sword. Roxy takes the amulet, which she incidentally recognizes – it stores sunlight in the amulet and can release it in a burst.

We decide to use Charter magic to disguise Roxy, Finn, and Corian while we tail Hastinean and watch the coronation. Muriel and Evie will just be themselves. We go back to Belisaere and stay at an inn or the Abhorsen quarters at the castle.

Under the cover of darkness Roxy commandeers a boat to take out the Reformatory on the island off Belisaere. She tries to steer the boat to avoid the light from the lighthouse, and fortuitously steers into a current that takes her quickly and directly to the island. The Reformatory is a large imposing building. She sneaks up to the building but the guards above shout, "Halt! Who goes there?" Roxy doesn't know what to say and claims to be lost. They say they are sending someone to assist her. They ask her name and she says "Cecelia" and they want to get her back to her boat because this is a restricted area. She says she was dropped off so the guards take her to one of their boats and Roxy is escorted back to Belisaere. Roxy comes back, defeated. "I couldn't find Hastinean."

Finn and Corian go to scope out the church where the coronation will be tomorrow. They don't see anything out of the ordinary, mostly priests and guards. They make note of exits, vantage points, and the general layout. They go back to the Inn.

When Evie wakes up she notices dog fur all over her blanket. When she flings off her covers she hears the tiny stone statue clatter to the floor.

All across Belisaere people hear the out of tune church bells calling everyone to the coronation. Everyone is wearing nice clothes. All of us separately do not see Hastinean in the crowd. Muriel sees Quinona in the crowd. There is a small contingent of Royal Mage Corps with Farisean.

We watch the ceremony, a large crown is placed on Tiburolt's head, there is a procession, everything seems to go off without a hitch. Still no Hastinean, which is weird.

Muriel and Evie go to talk to the new King. He motions for us to join him in a smaller area. He fired Hastinean essentially and has called off the manhunt on Finn. Farisean is now in charge of the Reformatory. However Finn will still be made to stand trial unfortunately.

Muriel and Evie go to the Inn to report back to the others. They are sitting outside the boisterous party and enjoying food cart fare. We tell them what we learned from the King. Finn is concerned about having to go on trial. Finn wants Roxy to use her Sight to find Hastinean.

Roxy Sees a place for to the west, a town on the edge of the northwest where there is a desert and a church. It says "The Church of the Seven Bells." Finn's last mission was in this very town apparently.

Finn goes to the castle and the guards just let him walk on in; he has free reign of the place. Finn checks Tiburolt's office first, but doesn't find him. He checks a few more places but can't find him. There are two of those badass guard sendings outside the King's bedroom. Finn pokes his head in the door and the King rushes over to him to embrace him. Finn asks Tiburolt what happened to him. Apparently TIburolt was at the Corruption Stones when they first appeared. Abombinations appeared and one had him in its grasp and infected him somehow. Tiburolt got ahold of a Bell and sent them both into Death with Astarael. Tiburolt doesn't know how long he was in Death – it was day when he went in and night when he came out again. But Finn senses Tiburolt isn't telling him the whole story – it isn't holding together exactly.

Finn asks if Tiburolt knows how to get rid of the corruption. He says he'll have Farisean look into it. Tiburolt says Hastinean never learned of his own Free Magic corruption. Tiburolt says preliminary reports in Ganel indicate more Corruption Stones have surfaced. Tiburolt is leavintgtomorrow with some of the Unseen and his armored sendings. Ramoniel still can't get into the library at the Rift. Tiburolt doesn't want us to go with him, and says until Finn's name is cleared it's best if they distance themselves. But if they need to distance themselves they better bang a bunch more times before they part ways.

In her room, Evie tries to find out more about the little soapstone dog. She casts Reveal Secrets and the Disreputable Dog appears, growling just a bit like it's upset with her for doing that. When Evie reaches for it it lunges at her and licks her face. The Dog says she's been asleep since her six-times-great aunt died. Evie hugs the Dog and starts sniffing around for something to eat.

In the morning when Finn gets back to the Inn Corian takes him through their morning meditation routine. Finn actually naps because he has penis exhaustion. When we all meet up in the morning Evie has a dog! The Dog talks! And she has a Charter Spell collar.

We decide we need to head north. We get the loan of a small somewhat run-down airship from Finn's uncle. We purchase some supplies for the cold and north places. Evie sends a message to Ramoniel. After some debate we decide to invite Bronwyn along too because of her experience with Free Magic.

Finn goes to talk to his sister. He admits to her that he does have some sort of Free Magic thing inhabiting his arm. And he says she would be very useful on the trip. But the deciding factor for her is that Corian will be coming along?? She excitedly says she has to pack! Finn reminds her that it will be cold weather where we're going. It's going to be a cramped airship.

Finn arrives for takeoff with Bronwyn in tow. He tells us about the new set of Corruption Stones and the King's mission to go stop them. Finn tells us that Tiburolt was lying to him about something.

We start the five day trip to the north. In the evenings we camp and keep watch overnight. On the second night Bronwyn sneaks over to Corian's tent. And Muriel, who was keeping watch, did not even notice. The Disreptuable Dog catches rabbits in the very early hours of the morning. Later Evie's Death Sense goes off and she sees something moving toward the camp from the edge of the forest. Word is passed and everyone is quietly woken up.

Evie points out the Dead which is almost hopping toward us. Muriel can feel the Dead presence as well. It is a message Gore Crow with a note around its leg. Muriel tells the crow to drop it and it pecks the note off its leg. Evie looks at the note, the color drains from her face, and then drops it and leaves to go sit. "She took to the air; You took to the ground; I slept in cold waters."


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