Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

Secrets in Ice

The On-Fire One is Gonna Be the Most Private

The Symphony: Stormy weather

About half of the Clayr's payment has been stolen by the pirates, undead, and free magic creatures. It's late afternoon and the Symphony, like paperwings, does not fly as well at night.

The captured pirate backs towards the edge of the ship. Corwin grabs him and tells him he isn't going anywhere. He says their camp is at the edge of the forest and that there's hundreds of them there! Roxy can tell he's lying, and gets out of him that there's more like twenty or so. She gives him a hard look because she can tell he's holding out on us. He says there's also Melange's Blood Shadows. Melange is the Grim Gatherers' free magic necromancer. Muriel threatens him if he doesn't tell us how to get into that camp. He admits there is a water source that goes underneath the camp and we could use that to access it.

We tie up the captured pirate and toss him in the unused cargo hold. We talk about where to go from here. We decide to go after the stolen treasure and the pirates. Muriel turns the ship around and heads toward the pirate camp.

We land a bit away from the camp. It is a dreary day in the forest, full of mud. We follow signs towards an old camp. We make the captured pirate guide us to the river.

Roxy takes point and sneaks ahead of the rest of the group. There are guard towers at the edge of the pirate camp. There is charter spelling on the fence around the camp, almost like it is electrified. The water flows underneath the fence. There are two large structures near the water. They seem to be hastily erected tents. And the pirates' airship is parked nearby as well. Roxy and Evie scout the camp enough to get a good look at the layout.

Evie investigates the camp. She discovers the fence's charter spells are not super powerful; we could dispel them for at least a short time. A woman dressed in red and very bloody comes out of one of the tents and is holding what looks like instruments of torture.

Evie thinks about the circumstances of our treasure's theft and decides it is most likely still on the pirates' air ship. We formulate a plan. Corwin takes the captured pirate's clothes and goes into the camp to chat up ladies. Somehow…he walks off with a girl on each arm. Muriel lays down a lightning bolt on one of the crew quarters. A guard notices the Charter flare but soon enough the chaos caused by the bolt is sowing confusion. Finn takes out the fence. Roxy and Evie climb over the fence. Roxy disappears into the shadow of the trees. Evie rushes into the ship and goes to the cargo bay. There is a small box full of the treasure they took. There are also some locked boxes that tempt Evie's tomb raider sense. She manages to resist though and only grabs the stolen treasure box.

Muriel and Finn take out some Charter mage guards as they're trying to cast spells against them. Roxy manages it over the fence! The girls are all over Corwin. He may not have thought this all the way through to its logical conclusion. He tells them to get comfortable and he will be right back. They are hesitant to let him go but continue without him for now.

As Evie runs out of the pirate ship she looks back, conflicted. She gives the treasure to Roxy and runs back in to unlock the old-looking boxes in the hold. Cervane busts out and yells, "What the hell is going on in my camp?!" He makes a beeline for Roxy coming in with a massive swing which she deftly dodges before bringing out her large knife boot and expertly blocking his follow through.  He is between Roxy and the way out. Roxy casts fog to give her some cover.

Without a quick unlock spell Evie just grabs a random treasure box and rushes into the fog after Roxy, not liking the look of the quickly spreading blood pool coming towards her from the torture room.  Finn finally knocks out the last sky pirate as he scans for his friends through the fog.  As it starts to finally lift he catches a glimpse of everyone making it to the tree lines and they all rush into the forest to lose their pursuers and make their way back to the Symphony.

After a restful night in the relative safety of the Symphony the crew heads out for the glacier once more.  On the way Evie finally opens her ill gotten gains to find a strange pyramid shaped artifact.  The metal is red with black markings of an unknown script with the edges of the pyramid able to twist around.  Not matching with any known Wallmakers Evie knows about she shows the piece to Finn who is worried it may be some sort of Free Magic device.  He's believes it's an artifact from somewhere North of the Old Kingdom.  Hesitantly showing the piece to Corian he recognizes the writing as belonging to the Blood Horse tribe from sometime before the tribes where unified by the Athask.  Roxy is pretty sure she's seen similar devices in the Clayr's Library.



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