Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

Showdown with Sae-Oth

The only light is coming from Finn's Charter mark. Evie and Muriel feel the presence of thousands of dead welling up. Sae-Oth approaches.

We plan on destroying the sword, gauntlet, and the sunstone amulet for the ritual. The Abhorsens will try to hold off the Dead while Corian and Finn try to prep the ritual.

Evie begins by ringing Saraneth to bind Sae-Oth, but he shakes it off and keeps walking. He slams a fist into the ground and sends a wave of bones at the adventurer Abhorsen. Luckily Evie manages to dodge out of the way. Arielle screams and runs into the church. Herne plants a stick in the ground that immediately blooms into a tree of bioluminecent lights. Roxie uses the sunstone to burn Sae-Oth with light. Finn opens the box again and the Abhorsens feel the forming Dead recoil from it. Muriel also rings Saraneth and Sae-Oth only pauses briefly. Evie joins in too but the Greater Dead is not phased.

Sae-Oth brings a massive sword down on Muriel who parries with Airino, but the strength of the Greater Dead mashes the bow into her forehead. Herne slices the air next to Sae-Oth. Corian continues to build the ritual. Finn casts balefire at Sae-Oth and the light smashes into his darkness but does not seem to hurt him. Roxie creates a wall of ice but Sae-Oth just smashes through it. Bone construct undead attack us all.

Most of us get our collective posteriors kicked around while Corian works to set up the spell that will bind Sae-Oth while sacrificing Charter-spelled artifacts. We eventually get Sae-Oth into the trap and bind him. We are in rough shape. Evie sees Kibeth is unconscious and coaxes her back into soapstone form.

We head back to the portal to leave the Forest Below. We get back to the witch's hut and hear a fight happening outside. They are finishing off the bloodheart-infected witches. We ask to sleep and have our wounds tended to. Muriel is given a medicine to help her blood poisoning over a few days. The witches also give us rooms and food.

The witches kind of proposition Corian but he declines and I think we all almost died of shock. We identify some magical items.


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