Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

The Battle for Qyrre

"I'm gonna roll my dog!"

Muriel, Roxy, and Evie stay on the airship and head toward to the town.

Finn, Quinona, and Corian have joined the ground battle. An abomination has appeared. It goes after an Abhorsen on the battlefield who doubles over in pain. Quinona attacks the abomination with water-based Charter Magic by taking a bit of the Ratterlin and smashing it against the monster. Finn also attacks the abomination with a Charter Magic metor but it uproots a tree and bats it away. Gengariel, a member of the Abhorsen Corps, casts some dubious Charter Magic to attack the abomination with shadow blades. However this Greater Dead absorbs the magic and roars in defiance. Bulfasa, one of the Knight Blades, is now in the sights of the Greater Dead. Bulfasa is knocked across the battlefield and is not killed but is left with cracked ribs.

Quinona casts a wall of ice between the converging Wood Weirds and the battlefield to stall them. In a fit of frustration Finn casts his Shooting Star spell again but the Abomination once again bats it away. Gangariel rings Saraneth to attempt to bind the Greater Dead and it seems to hear it, but is not stopped. Bulfasa casts a Bark Skin spell on himself, Finn, and Gangariel as a means of protection.

The Greater Dead is incensed by the use of Bells against it so it turns toward Gangariel. The Abhorsen feels the very life force drained from him. Quinona throws the Ratterlin at the abomination again and it screams in pain as water rushes over it. Finn continues to rain the firey heavens upon the Greater Dead creature and finally gets a decent hit on it that knocks off part of the creature's arm.

Corian has been working on a Charter Spell to disspell the Wood Weirds from this plane of existence. Behind the ice, one of the Wood Weirds becomes still as it is reduced to an inanimate tree.

Gangariel rings Saraneth again and staggers the Greater Dead but it is not weak enough to be thrown into Death. Bulfasa summons vines to tangle the abomination but it just snaps the plants as it walks through them. It siphons more life from Gangariel right after.

The Wood Weirds smash through Quinona's ice wall and immediately one blasts Free Magic at Corian. He shields himself with the Charter but the Free Magic is too strong and smashes the shield badly enough to graze Corian. The other remaining Wood Weird attacks Finn.

Quinona casts a spell to make herself a frosty Charter spell sword. Finn summons his weapon and attacks the abomination with that instead. It is much more successful as the abomination loses fingers trying to block it. Gangariel is determined to continue ringing Saraneth and it finally stops the Greater Dead in its tracks. Bulfasa moves forward to sweep the abomination's legs with his sword and succeeds.

Wood Weirds are still out for Corian's blood. Corian defends with an opalescent shield that appears from thin air. Another Wood Weird tries to stomp on Finn but he holds it above him with sheer strangth.

Quinona slices at the abomination with her Charter-made sword but she is not particularly adept in melee and misses entirely. Corian meanwhile is whittling away at the Wood Weirds. Corian disspells the one on top of Finn and the lights of its eyes fade away quickly. The de-animated tree falls on its friend as Finn pushes it away. Gangariel finally forces the Greater Dead back into Death, just barely.

Bulfasa uses a torrent of leaves to decimate a Wood Weird with the death of a thousand leafy cuts. Corian yells for everyone to get down because the Wood Weird is pouring out Free Magic energy that warns it will soon explode. Several people cast protective spells that shield us from the blast as the Wood Weird bursts into a million tiny splinters and magical energy.

It seems that the airship reinforcements really did make the difference in this battle. We all make our way over to one of the Abhorsens in charge. They're talking about a hasty retreat and escape. Everyone was incredibly lucky to survive this onslaught of the Greater Dead and Free Magic creatures.

Finn stops as his shoulder starts twitching uncontrollably. A giant eyeball suddenly pops out of his shoulder. Soldiers immediately spot it and yell that he's a Free Magic creature. Corian immediately moves to defend Finn but another solider yells that he recognizes Corian and that he must be with the "Free Magic creature". Gangariel has rushed to Corian and Finn's aid and where Gangariel goes, so does his love Bulfasa. The angry mob chases them and they cheese it.

Meanwhile, Muriel, Roxy, and Evie have landed in Qyrre. The townspeople swarm the yacht but it can hold maybe 100 people maximum, but there are probably 500 left in the town. Evie yells out to ask if there's someone in charge. The town elder helps to get the crowd under control. Evie announces we are going back to the Corruption Stones to fight and then we will be back. She asks if anyone is willing to fight and a scant few volunteer. Evie assures the town elder that we will be sending transportation along and they agree upon a Charter Mark signal for when and where the evacuation will take place. They agree upon Robles Town as the place of evacuation.

We take off again with the "reinforcements". Partway there we see a giant boat of ice in the river and dead Dead on the land. Muriel lands the airship to pick up Finn, Corian, Quinona, etc. Evie finds her soapstone dog on top of a pile of bodies and debris of non-animate Undead.

We gather all the fighters onto the airship and head back to the town of Qyrre. We intercept the group heading to Robles Town. We are able to evacuate about 100 of them. Quinona volunteers to go back to Qyrre and escort other refugees with some of our fighting force on another airship.

Mostly mothers, children, elderly are accompanying our party directly back to Belisaere. Evie entertains kids on the way with dramatic tales of daring-do.

We see more Corruption Stones below on the way to Belisaere. Evie sees that a Wood Weird is near it and it's throwing a tree at the airship as it passes by! Evie shields the part of the ship that would have been hit and the tree is deflected. She sees an explosion of gore crows that intercepted the tree as well… So that's strange.

Evie mentions this to Muriel, but Muriel is skeptical and denies that it could have anything to do with their deceased youngest sister. Evie is still hopeful but Muriel is firmly convinced that Arielle is dead, not even Undead.

The sun is setting and Muriel sets down the ship near a town to camp for the night. Evie and Roxy work the first watch. Evie sees something in the treeline of the woods – a pair of Dead eyes that coldly burn in the darkness. After Evie mentions this to Roxy she spots the eyes too.

Muriel is called over by Evie and Roxy at the beginning of her watch to look at the Dead thing. Roxy calls out to it but it turns tail and run into the forest. Roxy notes that it has the same eyes as The Forsaken, but the figure is shorter. Evie and Muriel talk and agree that they need to bring this up with Ramoniel as soon as possible.

It's the last push to Belisaere in the morning. Lord Alaren is relieved to see his airship in one pieve. He and Varah greet the refugees and let them know about the accommodations that have been arranged for them. Varah and Finn speak minimally and awkwardly. Quinona and her airship of refugees has not arrived yet.

Finn pulls Evie aside to tell her that the pull towards the Corruption Stones again happened again. A message hawk lands on Finn's shoulder during this conversation. "I have to go…" he says. Evie tells Finn to send word once he gets to where he's going. Finn slips out in somewhat secret corridors with his duffel to leave Belisaere. Finn also sends a message to Evie on his way out. Finn leaves a path of his own Charter Mark on his path.

We hear some commotion in the corridor and Finn's Aunt Varah is yelling at some people saying that they can't come barging into her house; they have to tell her what they want with her nephew. The palace guards force their way into the house anyways and present us with a warrant for the arrest of Finn – for harboring a Free Magic creature. Apparently reports from Qyrre were confirming the presence of Free Magic on his body. The warrant is signed by Hastinean.

Evie asks about appeals and the guards say it will have to go through the Reformatory. Evie and Muriel decide they need to pay a call to the head of the Reformatory. Corian, strangely, is the voice of reason and suggests we should have some sort of a plan in place first. Corian thinks we should go to Farisean because Hastinean (hopefully) answers to him. We get a message that Farisean will arrange a meeting later. A letter from the Prince says to stay at the Abhorsen quarters for now and he will stop by to talk to us as soon as possible.

At the Abhorsen quarters there is a message hawk from Ramoniel saying she has made it to the Rift but no sightings of "what you asked about" meaning the youngest Abhorsen sister. Evie asks Roxy to use her Sight to look into how both Ramoniel and Finn are doing. Roxy sees future visions of Finn strapped to an operating table with a sinister syringe-wielding Hastinean nearby, and also Ramoniel with other Abhorsens climbing around the ruins near the Rift.

Shortly after midnight the Prince, without guards, arrives at the Abhorsen quarters. We tell him that Hastinean ordered the guards to arrest Finn. Prince Tiburolt says there will be a hearing where we can testify to defend Finn. Roxy tells the Prince about her vision and it visibly upsets him. Evie tells the Prince that she thinks Hastinean is up to more than just studying Free Magic creatures. Prince Tiburolt should be coronated as King of Belisaere tomorrow and have the power to stop Hastinean.

We track down Finn while making sure we weren't followed. Finn is concerned when we say we told the Prince. And Roxy tells him her vision with Hastinean. Finn says Farisean was the one who told him to leave. And we tell him about the trial where people will be testifying against Finn.


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