Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

The Doom That Came to Qyrre

We are Qrrye-bound. The yacht is called the High Wind. Muriel sent a message to the Prince asking for the same team to be assembled for the mission to Qrrye. It will be about a two-day trip south from Belisaere with a stop at one of the towns in between. High Bridge is the one where Muriel plans to stop since it is bordered by rivers.


We bring food and water supplies, tents, plenty of rope, first aid supplies. Roxy gets a weapons cache from her Nightblades contacts. Muriel asks Quinona if she knows any medics, but Quinona just packs a bag to come along. Muriel feels very torn about this but does not stop her. Roxy thinks to bring along rowan branches to control and contain Free Magic creatures.


The High Wind is constructed for comfort more than efficiency. There’s carpeting in the cabins and it’s not made for speed and maneuvering. There’s a sending just for piloting rather than a co-pilot. Finn calls Muriel “Captain” and she calls him “Shadow, First Class of the Unseen”. The others are considerably less formal.


Muriel gives Evie a hard time about Hastinean and Evie gives as good as she gets. The argument ends with a frustrated Muriel leaving the room.


Quinona is able to help Muriel a bit with weather magic to pilot the air ship. We approach High Ridge without incident but as we get close Muriel feels the twinge of some undead close by, possibly above us. Muriel asks Finn to look above us since she is boxed in on the bridge. He sees a small crow – a gore crow – in the sky above us. Finn comes back to Muriel and she tells him to have Evie take care of it.


Eviael wields Kibeth to make it Walk back into Death. Corian stops Roxy from walking right off the ship. The gore crow flies due South.


We arrive in High Bridge and everyone camps out on the ship. But Muriel does order in take-out from a traveling food cart.


In the middle of the night Corian is awoken by a sound – the sound of the wind wailing through dead trees. It is coming from the area of live trees though. Corian gets up to investigate. He sees a glow and the smell of hot metal. A tree bursts into flames and slowly uproots itself. Corian goes to wake everyone else up but only finds some lass he slept with before. She says “The woods are waking,” and then Corian wakes up for real. He decides sleeping any more on this night is not worth it and tries meditating instead.


Finn asks what Corian is doing. Finn is skeptical about meditation but also curious. Corian instructs him to have a seat and tells him a chant. Finn is confused about the lack of Charter Magic involved. Corian says this is about one’s place in the world outside the Charter. Finn gives meditation a try and has some trouble keeping up the chant without Charter Marks. But after some practice Finn starts to get the hang of it – he does end up drifting off to sleep though. Corian invites Finn to join him daily for meditation.


Muriel wakes up in the morning but Quinona isn’t there. She’s outside manipulating the water. Muriel walks up beside her and watches. Eventually Muriel walks back in the ship and starts making breakfast.


Evie arrives late to breakfast because she’s talking to her soapstone dog about feeling like an inadequate Abhorsen.


Quinona asks Muriel a lot of questions about piloting the airship, and connects it to how she pilots a sea faring ship.


Finn says that according to his report there may be an outpost where we can park the ship in Qrrye. Muriel aims to land the ship near the octagonal church where Abhorsen, Royal Mage Corps, and Nightblades potentially are.


As we approach Qrrye we see the Chaos Stones and all hell has broken loose. Muriel drops the ship down near the Nightblades and Royal Mage Corps that are holding the road to Qrrye. They say a rider to get reinformcemnets may have been intercepted. Corian and Finn jump off to help the defenders. Quinona kisses Muriel passionately and then jumps off too.


Corian and Finn notice that their connection to the Charter feels strained from a close proximity to the Corruption Stones. Finn’s arm itches really badly like something under his skin is crawling around. Finn and Corian fight off Dead Hands while Quinona attempts to heal wounded.


A fallen Abhorsen turns into a Greater Dead. Corian hears that familiar sound of home again and more trees uproot themselves. Corian uses Charter Magic to trap their roots in the ground while he works on a more powerful spell.


Back on the ship we are almost to Qrrye when we see the dead rider on the road and a whole mess of Undead that are close to the town. Evie feels something squirming in her pocket. A dog’s head pops out. Roxy says, “Is that a dog?!” The dog, full sized hound, jumps out of her pocket. “Explain later! Will buy you some time!” The dog runs off and Evie hears the faint sound of a bell. Muriel pushes them forward to the town.


We get to the town and villagers are mobilizing to leave. The reinforcements are heading out of town with refugees.


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