Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

The Forest Below

Evie notices beyond the box is a small obelisk or gravestone. And she sees an artifact near her feet amongst the bones. It's made of wood with green Charter marks, a quarterstaff. It pulses with magic. Finn studies it further an it has an inscription that ends with "I am the oak apocalypse." Finn thinks the staff is made to knock out someone rather than killing them.

Evie wants to look at the obelisk. Evie notices a ring on a skeleton and pulls it off with an apology. She sees the mark for Kibeth circulating on it. The inscription: "Usareth, Usereth, bound by the Wallmakers, I walk in Death without fear." Evie shows us the ring; she says she thinks it's meant for her. Immediately Corian and Finn want to see it. The ring allows a non-Abhorsen to Walk in Death or bolsters the ability of an Abhorsen to do so.

The box is getting warmer as we get closer to it and there is char marks on the ground around it but no bones. Standing next to it is like standing next to a furnace. Arielle has gotten taller and spikier as we go through this bony terrain; she is picking up more pieces.

As we get closer to the obelisk we realize it's actually the steeple of a buried church. Evie immediately jumps in and goes down the stairs. Muriel hurries in behind her sister and the rest follow too.

This church is like none we have ever seen in the Old Kingdom. There is the hot metal smell of Free Magic everywhere, there are corrupted Charter marks that are writing everywhere. Evie sees the phrase "Children of Orannis" several places. Corian does not recognize the culture this church could have come from. Roxy also recognizes Asol'tha's name. We know it is a Third Kindred but we don't know what that means.

Herne tells us that the Children of Orannis are worshipers of the Third Kindred. And they are looking for the weapon that defeated Asol'tha so they can destroy the world with it. Evie asks if there's a sacrificial alter and Herne says yes, probably because "that's their style."

Finn points out that Herne and Corian's order also has their Orannis-worshipping members. Corian says that it's different.

Evie picks up a book and has Muriel look in it too. It has prayer to some bad old gods(?) and also a commandment/instructions on how to trap Sae-Oth. Apparently Sae-Oth is both Asol'tha's herald and also trying to take its power for himself. The Children of Orannis want Sae-Oth re-bound by destroying some Charter weapons (but not specific weapons). So we need to find more Charter spelled weapons.

Herne and Corian offer to stay with Evie while she continues searching the church. But we all end up staying in the church.

Evie figures out that if we close the box, we could see any Charter marks in the dark on the battlefield. But we're nervous about closing the box.

Corian makes a spell that is shaped like an egg and we follow it into the lower levels of the church. We come to an area that is blocked by a cave-in.

Roxy decides to use her Sight. She Sees Finn crafting a spell to carefully move the stones. And then through the tunnel she sees the bones of a monster dripping with black ichor and a Charter-spelled sword through its head. We're concerned that the sword is keeping Asol'tha in check – that may be Asol'tha? We decide to leave that sword (and cave-in) where it is.

We leave the church to go look for more artifacts on the battlefield. Corian finds a Charter-spelled gauntlet. Roxy picks up a small silver hand mirror that is also Charter-spelled. Finn finds an archer with a full quiver and a matching Charter-spelled bow. Evie finds an ordinary Charter-spelled sword and a large magic staff meant for spellcasting.

We head to the entrance for the church. Corian and Finn analyze shit. The gauntlet is identified by it's charter mark as Anathra, "The one who killed a star, none shall stand in my way". Quiver and Bow are identified as Endless and Ino respectively;  "Forged in fire my aim is true."  The mirror is named Kaiurn; "I looked on the first rememberancer, she blessed me with a fraction of her power. The staff is named Mayuna; "Forged in the void, let neither time nor distance stand against you". The quarter-staff is stunning … hehe… no really. It stuns, also the rings bind free magic creatures.

We spend lots of time trying to decide what to keep and what to sacrifice to bind Saygoth. We decide to sacrifice the sun stone amulet, Corian's glave, and either the gantlet or the bow (Muriel's choice). As we are deciding, we hear a loud yelp. Kibeth comes running over the horizon looking tired and bloody… coming up behind her is Saioath (a 7 ft dead creature). Evielle feels the presence of thousands of dead creatures, everyone else can hear the sounds of bones scraping together as the dead rise.



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