Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

The Spelled Archives (Chap. 26)

We mend the Sendings and do the proper rituals for the dead bodies they butchered.

The next day we see the Sendings have started to repair the house. Serena also repairs the enchantments on the house so it won't attack non-Wallmakers.

We need to go to Belisaire to the Spelled Archives to find Oathbreaker to get Quinnona out of her ice coffin. 

Serena is confuse about why we have the disgraced king with us. Corian takes her aside to tell her about our recent adventures.

Finn, accompanied by Evie, goes to retrieve Tiburolt from the airship. He is not in his quarters. Evie immediately starts searching the ship for Tiburolt. He is in the Captain's Quarters drinking the fine liquors. Evie tells him off. But Finn tells him off worse when Tiburolt says he was bored.

Evie felt awkward and went off to drink brandy. She gets drunk, takes off her shirt, and starts yelling on the deck for Muriel to come join her. Muriel is fetched with cinnamon rolls and a fancy necklace for sister-distraction.

We discuss our immediate plans to find Oathbreaker. Tiburolt says Hastinean may actually have it because he gave him the sword. When asked why: "He asked for it." Tiburolt recalls Hastinean wanted it for "breaking the wills of the prisoners." Tiburolt claims it was really the parasite controlling him at the time that did it.

Roxie uses her Sight to try and divine where Oathbreaker is right now. Her vision is surrounded in fog and she feels a cold presence, worming its way into her consciousness and freezing her. "The Distant Prince welcomes you…" The cold sticks with her even as she comes out of the vision. And her actual vision is left somewhat blurry.

We see her eyes are visibly clouded over when she comes out of the room. Finn says Roxie has had a Free Magic spell cast upon her. Corian quickly uses some Free Magic himself to determine what it was. He thinks it was trying to enthrall Roxie. Evie casts a healing spell on Roxie.

Tiburolt says Hastinean had a second lab that is not on any map in Holsen. He built it after Finn's Free Magic accident.

Evie asks Serena to take a look at her soapstone Dog. Serena notices it has no Charter marks on it so she's a bit confused. 

Evie interrogates Tiburolt about his intensions with Finn. He says he doesn't have a "plan." Evie chews him out a bit for his mopey behavior. Evie tells him if he wants Bells, then convince the rest of us that he deserves them.

Tiburolt tells everyone that he would like to take up the Bells in the service of our cause. Corian says he thinks he can help Tiburolt about control of Free Magic temptations.

Roxie and Muriel try to run a hat scam on the rest of our merry band but Finn is really not buying it.

 We agree to give Tiburolt's Bells back to him but Evie says if he betrays us she will kill him.

Tiburolt doesn't have any more info about the location of the lab in Holsen but he does think Hastinean may have left some information back at the island prison in Belisaire. The Reformatory was disbanded when Hastinean's arrest was ordered so hopefully it is no longer guarded.

We head to Belisaire. On our way there Serena works on a security system for the airship so it won't be stolen again, or specifically stolen from us. 

We park in a commercial lot and Corian disguises the ship with Charter Magic to make it blend in. Finn looks for a Charter mark that could distinguish this ship as Lenariel's. Finn finds it and dispells it.

Serena and Evie go to Belisaire Castle to get armor. Roxie goes to check in with the Nightblades. Finn, Muriel, and Corian go to talk to Farisean.

Serena and Evie talk to a clerk at the Castle and ask about the armor. The clerk says there is something they should see. It's the lantern we already found and know we need to return to the Abhorsen's house. They are also straight-up given a couple sets of armor because they "have so many of them." And the clerk confirms that Hastinean did indeed check out Oathbreaker. And he says Evie's parents came in the other day looking for the Twilight Blade but it is missing.

We get to Farisean's house and it looks like there's been some repairs done on it. A Sending answers and waves us into a sitting parlor and there is Farisean's wife, Osiren, but not the man himself. Apparently he is missing – he was at the Castle during the attack and left to check on Osiren and their children but never made it there. She asks if it's true that Finn has Tiburolt but Finn is evasive. And she says the reinstated council members are looking to bring Tiburolt to justice, that is, put to death. 

Roxie goes to check in with Maltoral and get the vibe of the city. Apparently the Nightblades have been hired to find the former king. Moreover, they have already found him and they are expecting Roxie to bring him to them to show her allegiance to the Nightblades. Mal says he will do his best to stall them but soon there may be some hard choices to make.


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