Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

We made a mistaaaake...

Journey thru space and time...

We broke the the glaive, and are now hurling thru space and time. Damn. Folks are throwing up, the ship is breaking, and we are fucked.

Muriel repairs the ship with ice magic well enough for us to land safely. We need to figure out where the heck we are in time. We head into town. Roxie knows folks inn town because the Night Blades do business in Ancelstaire. We find a newspaper saying that it is yesterday. Also we notice that Abhorson  are not welcome in this town.

We decide we want to prepare for Lenariel coming to town. We are going to ask around and find out about deals going down. We notice that on a bulletin board says that the town has many missing children. They all went missing in the night, many on the same night. 

Muriel goes to a local tavern and recognizes another ship captain. She begins talking to the ships crew. She is so cool. She is schmoozing and drinking (nursing a beer really…) and cool. Galindra (the captain) comes in. They go to talk in the big G's room. Muriel asks her about the sword, does she know anyone who might be interested in such a thing. G says maybe a fellow named Killian or Wolfgang. Apparently Killian doesn't like people from the old kingdom.  He also likes charter spelled artifacts. He will be in an upscale location. 

Roxie goes to chat with the Night Blades. She uses the symbol of a gore crow in lingerie to get into the secret hideout. There is more secret and weird Night Blade talk. She finds out that there is someone looking for the sword along the border of Ancelstaire. Mal has been tight-lipped about the whole thing. She also finds out that there are some Pan Pipes playing at night (probably a necromancer) and kidnapping children. Also… (geez these guys know a lot…)  the king may have been in town 2 days ago. He was in disguise (not a royal visit) and was around the airships. 

The Red Stilikin is where Killian is staying, possibly Lenoriel. We can't get the lady at the desk to tell us the whether Killian and Lenoriel are staying there. So Muriel conjures a hamster in her drink and Eviel checks the Ledger. Indeed, Killian + 1 (we think Lenoriel) in room 5.

Roxie uses her sight to try and devine something about the deal tomorrow. She sees Lenoriel meeting with Killian in his room. They both have guards. 

Muriel is going to try and get us a ship. We are going to talk to illiariel (the forsaken). She says that we can be anywhere (in life) when we go into death to destroy the chaos stones. They are at the 7th gate, surrounded by dead things. Ramoniel thinks that we should go to the  Abhorson's house, when we go into death. We will go on horseback. 

Muriel suggests she can also sabotage Lenoriel's airship. Finn is still trying to re-work the Prince's sabotage item from our trip. Roxie steals money for us to buy horses. 

And how are we going to get the sword you ask…????




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