Old Kingdom : The Forsaken


People are paired off for the night. Finn and the King, Roxy and Dipper, Corian and Bronwyn, and… uh… the Abhorsen sisters. Evie starts research on Ganel. Finn awakes alone, but finds the King and says goodbye. King has loaned us the use of a larger airship equipped with military equipment.

We decide to start looking lower a couple miles out from the chaos stones; our agreed objective is extracting Ramonael and anyone she's with and getting out of Dodge. A couple days out, Muriel can see the Chaos stones further out, so we slow and go lower. About a mile out, the ship nosedives, the sendings seem to be taking it down hard and fast. Ahh yeah.

The extra sendings are attacking the airship as Evie wrestles for control of the wheel. Finn helps Muriel to her feet and then goes to attack one of them trying to chop the ropes, blowing it over the side. Evie yells for Corian, who scrambles up and goes to her side to analyze the charter "hacking" that seems to have occurred. Roxy draws her charter boot knife, which grows to cutlass size as she swings. Dipper jumps off with his pig/wyvern and tries to keep the airship together. Fighting breaks out around the ship and the military sendings fight to chop the ropes. Corian works on "resetting" the sendings' charter magic, which eventually works with the three remaining ones.

Roxy Sees Ramonael unconscious in a cave, and we head for the nearby mountain range. But then, looking out towards Ganel, we see an undulating mass that Ariel identifies as many dead, dissolved. Then Finn sees a group making their way towards Ganel, with Hastinean at the lead. And it looks like he's taking the free magic-infected remnants of his party with them.

We make it to a cave by following recent hunting trails through the woods, and Finn notices a glamor covering a cave entrance. We go in and see a jumpy soldier who says he and the Aborsen-in-Waiting are the only ones who got out, and Ramonael is grievously injured. Evie has to go into Death to see if she can be brought back from beyond the first gate.

Ramonael goes into Death, and the Dog appears beside her, ready to be her companion. She goes through the first gate, and makes her way around the sinkholes in the 2nd precinct, freezes the whirlpool and walks down into the 3rd precinct. She sense Ramonael's presence just ahead.  She and the dog break a chain holding Ramonael in place, and an abomination surges up to be sent away by the Walker Evie is ringing.

Ramonael and her guard, Ragarael (Captain America), call the thing in town a Grimgather, breaking bodies down and making a construct. They tried to get to an airship, but free magic woodwyrd smashed it with a tree. They ran through the woods, and the abomination holding her could only be defeated by taking her into death with it.

Ragarael pulls us aside after Ramonael goes to sleep, and says that he was here a few days before her, before the Belisaere army. He had come initially with the King, and was left to watch over things until reinforcements came. They got there, and there were no chaos stones, but the King was certain the reports couldn't have been wrong, but the stones appeared a couple of days after his leaving. Evie asks "And… who gave us the ship?" Finn gets super defensive since it's his boyfriend, super awkward. 

Ragarael thinks that since all the Abhorsens were called here, all others might be dead. Roxy sneaks away to try and See the king, but her vision gets clouded when it closes in.  We set up watch rotation and in the morning, Ragarael and Evie talk, and suspicion clouds their thoughts on the King. Finn and Corian talk, Finn is very conflicted, lets Corian know the King has a corrupted Charter mark, asks if someone with a corrupted mark retains any of themselves. Corian tells him that they can turn back, but they have to be willing to give things up in return.

We take them back to the ship and search the ship for any magical tracking items. Roxy finds a red orb in the bottom of a barrel of apples, and we examine it – seems to be the thing that broadcast the signal to hack the sendings. Finn analyzes, finds it to be a device made by the same people that make the armored sendings.

Roxy experiments with the remembrancer's mirror, finds that it goes back about 24 hours, but she can look at different places. She tries again to See the King, but her vision clouds again. She reports that the mirror only shows her a previous day. We head towards the Rift, and it gets colder and colder, and we stop at a town and find the provisioners at a church of the 9 bright shiners, and then onwards to the Rift proper. It's a huge gash in the earth, and hard to find places to climb down. We travel another day on foot, find a path that looks like it leads down into the Rift.

Ragarael's shield is pretty damn cool.

We finish descending and see the ice city in the distance. However… the ice seems to be no longer there. From a bit above it, the city is super not encased in ice. Chunks of the original huge chaos stones remain, some pieces crumbled and fallen. The buildings are mostly intact. The original Clayr's library is near the center, and some old paperwings at the edge.

Ramonael says that the two other Abhorsen corps members were left with the encampment, and maybe they found a way to break through the ice?



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