He lusts for the power and madness he once savored.


A greater dead with a symbiotic relationship to a free magic creature. Cervane is rarely seen these days without the six tentacled Gomaranth attached. While the Gomaranth can lash out with it’s tentacles and bursts of free magic energy, Cervane prefers to wield a pair of free magic swords wishing to preserver the purity of honourable combat.


Leader of the Grim Gathers, Cervane is not a man to be trifled with. Assuming he is still just a man. Many believe he may be one of the greater dead or a free magic creature wearing the shape of a man. Either way Cervane and the Grim Gathers are the most feared Sky Pirates in the Old Kingdom. He has crossed paths with Muriel on more than one occasion.

His symbiotic relationship with the Gomaranth appears to grant him resistance to Bells as well as other weaknesses associated with the Dead. It is unknown as yet what the Gomaranth gets out of this relationship.


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