Princess Aranelle

She chooses her path like a free bird.


The daughter of Queen Korrina and King Dartaan, who himself was one of the rare male Clayr. Princess Aranelle has been groomed since birth to be the heir to the Kingdom. She never showed any distaste for the duties expected of her. Thus it has come as shock to the whole kingdom to think she may have just up and left in the middle of the night. Some wonder if it was of her own free will or if she may have been abducted by some enemy of the kingdom or possible usurper of the throne.

Upon meeting her true love she had her first vision as a Clayr, and to her dismay it was her own death. Seeing a vision of herself and her beloved dying on their wedding day along with all the people of Belisaere she ran away hoping to never face this future. If anyone knows where she went after her visit to the Glacier no one has said.

Princess Aranelle

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