Old Kingdom : The Forsaken

Into The Library

We all arrive at the Clayr's Glacier. Roxy is feeling hesitant about going home, but she's putting on a cheerful facade. Corian is already hitting on ladies. Garnelle gives Roxy a blank stare. "You're late." Muriel hands over the scroll to Garnelle. Garnelle says Roxy is always welcome and Roxy hugs her.

Garnelle reads the scroll and crumples it. She smashes her fist into a wall. "I suppose you will be staying here for awhile." She says she will call the Nine Day Watch and takes the gold.

We head toward the glacier entrance but a giant worm sprouts up and menaces Finn. A couple Clayr come over and Finn says we had an encounter with a Free Magic creature on the way here. The Clayr ask to test his Charter Mark and call off the Charter sending. We are allowed into the cold halls of the Clayr, which feels like home to Roxy. Evie speculates that maybe the Clayr don't want the Princess to be found.

The Abhorsen quarters are really really nice and have a load of Sendings. The group takes a bit of rest and Finn heals Muriel's wounds. We have a meal and during it there's a knock on the door and Evie answers it. A young nervous Clayr courier is there and says Roxy is to meet with Garnelle in the morning to receive the message for the Prince.

Evie asks about Roxy's headspace. And also gives Muriel some pointed looks as they're talking, which Muriel ignores.

Evie does some snooping around the Abhorsen quarters. She's always looking for secrets or for any sign of being observed. She finds a small soap stone carving of a dog and pockets it. In her mind this is just to borrow, not to keep.

Meanwhile Muriel is sending back food and asking for specific orders. No one has ever seen a Sending weep in the corner before.

We need to research the stones (which Evie remembered from a book in the Library) and the artifact Evie picked up off the pirate airship. The artifact is a strange red and black pyramid that has turnable nodes. It may be from the Blood Horse tribe from the Northern region. Evie argues that Corian isn't allowed to hold the artifact.

The argument gets heated and Roxy pulls Evie aside to talk to her. Evie is mistrustful of Corian but also intrigued because she wants to know more about the Northern Isles. Eventually Evie is comforted enough and surprise-hugs Roxy.

Finn asks Corian if he and Evie have slept together and says no. But apparently he is looking for a wife. Finn is curious about the Nine Day Watch. Roxy is able to clarify some stuff and says she won't be a part of this one. No one who isn't part of the Watch is allowed to be in the room where it happens.

On the way to the Library Corian gets a lot of looks from the Clayr. We see a bunch of Librarians of all different ranks about. Roxy recognizes a slightly older Clayr Librarian, Perall. She sheepishly says hi and Perall is delighted to see Roxy again. Perall says they've missed her and she's been made Deputy Librarian. Roxy tells her the group is here to look up a few things. We are assigned bracelets.

Perall also recognizes Evie and is so happy to see her. She mentions a very dangerous mission Evie went on into the depths of the Library where some Librarians came back changed. Muriel is pretty shocked to hear this and demands to know what sort of Library this is. Perall says the book Evie is looking for is on the sixth level and "things getting pretty weird down there."

We go down to the next level which has stacks that do not seem as straight and orderly as a normal library would be. Roxy leads us through but…takes us in a circle. She admits it may have been too long. Evie instead takes us to a green door that she thinks will lead downstairs. Evie also sees a door covered by glacier ice and tries to convince us to go there instead. But she relents and just sketches the door instead; we take the green door.

The next floor is ceiling to floor hallways of stacks. There's only one path to go down and it seems to go on forever. Muriel runs her hand down the stacks and a book almost bites her! She senses the danger and snatches away her hand just in time. Muriel proclaims she will be touching no more books.

We continue down the corridor for twenty minutes with no progress. Roxy tells us the one thing we should not do is turn back or try to retrace our steps. Finn suggests maybe we visualize the door we're looking for but Roxy says that probably will not work. Evie remembers this is something she did previously and recommends we press on. Corian suddenly asks Finn about how he's faring and Finn dodges questions in the forever corridor. Finally we reach a turn that has more study carousels and more Clayr working, studying. We see a large red door and a green one. Evie recalls red doors are typically where Clayr keep non-book things and the visitor bracelets won't let us in. We choose the green door. We see a small metal mouse zipping past us. Evie grabs it and it continues to squirm, it cannot talk. Luckily Roxy knows what the mouse is – someone is in trouble. Corian volunteers to cast the Charter spell to make it reverse and lead us to the person in trouble. The mouse reverses and leads us to the next level below.

The third level has books that fly around, disappear, etc. We continue to follow the mouse to the level below.

The fourth floor is very different than the other levels. We are surrounded by ice and books are encased in the ice rather than in stacks. The mouse leads us into a room with a handful of shelves and past a Librarian trapped in ice, crouched and turned away from us. Roxy goes over to see if she can find a way into the ice room. Evie and Muriel try to warn her off because not everything is as it seems in this place. Roxy is unsure and Muriel suggests we should talk to her and yells "Oy!" at her. As we turn away it sheds its human form and bangs against the walls.

The mouse leads us into a room where a Librarian is trying to shoo away a real bore worm what seems to have bust through a wall here. Finn throws a spell of force at it but only manages to rock it back a bit. Corian Charter spells some rock shards at the worm and it flails in anger and pain. Evie casts a Diamond of Protection. Muriel conjures hamsters in a panic and tells them to swarm to the worm. Surprisingly the hamsters distract the worm and leads it out the wall that it came through.

The Librarian gets up and puts her mouse back in her waistcoat. She says the worms only occasionally come in like that. Finn asks her where the door to the Fifth level is and she gives us directions. "Whatever you do don't take the right." We see more creatures trapped behind the ice.

The fifth level has normal-looking book stacks again. Evie tries to go to the left corridor and the stacks suddenly snap shut in front of her. Evie remembers the shelves on the fifth level suddenly shift around. Roxy does a lot of help getting Muriel through the shelves. Her Librarian training prepared her well to be a mercenary. Again we see a red door and a green door. We decide to have a little rest by a little pond with fruit trees around it.

Evie sees a Librarian by the red door who is loaded down with Charter-spelled swords and other objects. Evie offers to help her but the Librarian declines. The red door is creaking closed. She peaks in while its closing but does not go in as Roxy and Muriel yell-whisper at her. As it closes shut she has a small outburst that the Librarians resting by the pond notice.

Evie is still thinking about the door encased in ice from the first level of the Library. Roxy pulls a book that describes the Clayr's Library that has info on the door. It is called "The Door That Sleeps In Darkness And Will Awake In Night." It is a bad door, apparently. Trapping things behind ice is the Clayr's normal way of dealing with unwanted Free Magic anything. After resting we go through the green door and…it looks just like the room we were in. It looks exactly the same – even the Librarians are the same. We decide to go through the shifting shelves instead.

We find the sixth level looks surprisingly like a normal library. The Clayr here seem to be renewing a lot of Charter spells. We start looking for the books Evie needs. After some searching Evie and Finn pick out the correct book. Corian finds one with hidden dirty pictures of course. Evie reads the book and gets pale. She says it's bad. And it is. And we also find a book that indicates Evie's artifact is a piece of a dead god of the Northern tribes that could not be killed except by dismantling it and spreading the pieces far apart.

A loose page falls to the floor and Evie picks it up. It's very old and it's an addendum written during King Touchstone's reign. It is a poem. It seems to be a poem about Evie, Muriel, and their lost little sister, Arielle. Muriel is very distressed and storms off. Corian goes after her while Evie, Roxy and Finn ponder the poem.

Finn points out the poem indicates Arielle is still there. Finn says he's sure they did everything they could to save her but Evie says no; they both just watched in terror.

Muriel gets back to the top floor in a hurry, kind of popping out at the entrance to the first floor. Corian is following behind her. Muriel is stubborn that she doesn't want to talk about the poem and its implications. She says she will wait for the others and "reads" a book.

Roxy notices there are an awful lot of Librarians around considering there's supposedly a large Nine Day Watch going on. Roxy mentions this to Finn. They think something is wrong and Roxy intends to ask Garnelle tomorrow. Finn suggests we ask Perall about it. They also head back to the top of the library.

Secrets in Ice
The On-Fire One is Gonna Be the Most Private

The Symphony: Stormy weather

About half of the Clayr's payment has been stolen by the pirates, undead, and free magic creatures. It's late afternoon and the Symphony, like paperwings, does not fly as well at night.

The captured pirate backs towards the edge of the ship. Corwin grabs him and tells him he isn't going anywhere. He says their camp is at the edge of the forest and that there's hundreds of them there! Roxy can tell he's lying, and gets out of him that there's more like twenty or so. She gives him a hard look because she can tell he's holding out on us. He says there's also Melange's Blood Shadows. Melange is the Grim Gatherers' free magic necromancer. Muriel threatens him if he doesn't tell us how to get into that camp. He admits there is a water source that goes underneath the camp and we could use that to access it.

We tie up the captured pirate and toss him in the unused cargo hold. We talk about where to go from here. We decide to go after the stolen treasure and the pirates. Muriel turns the ship around and heads toward the pirate camp.

We land a bit away from the camp. It is a dreary day in the forest, full of mud. We follow signs towards an old camp. We make the captured pirate guide us to the river.

Roxy takes point and sneaks ahead of the rest of the group. There are guard towers at the edge of the pirate camp. There is charter spelling on the fence around the camp, almost like it is electrified. The water flows underneath the fence. There are two large structures near the water. They seem to be hastily erected tents. And the pirates' airship is parked nearby as well. Roxy and Evie scout the camp enough to get a good look at the layout.

Evie investigates the camp. She discovers the fence's charter spells are not super powerful; we could dispel them for at least a short time. A woman dressed in red and very bloody comes out of one of the tents and is holding what looks like instruments of torture.

Evie thinks about the circumstances of our treasure's theft and decides it is most likely still on the pirates' air ship. We formulate a plan. Corwin takes the captured pirate's clothes and goes into the camp to chat up ladies. Somehow…he walks off with a girl on each arm. Muriel lays down a lightning bolt on one of the crew quarters. A guard notices the Charter flare but soon enough the chaos caused by the bolt is sowing confusion. Finn takes out the fence. Roxy and Evie climb over the fence. Roxy disappears into the shadow of the trees. Evie rushes into the ship and goes to the cargo bay. There is a small box full of the treasure they took. There are also some locked boxes that tempt Evie's tomb raider sense. She manages to resist though and only grabs the stolen treasure box.

Muriel and Finn take out some Charter mage guards as they're trying to cast spells against them. Roxy manages it over the fence! The girls are all over Corwin. He may not have thought this all the way through to its logical conclusion. He tells them to get comfortable and he will be right back. They are hesitant to let him go but continue without him for now.

As Evie runs out of the pirate ship she looks back, conflicted. She gives the treasure to Roxy and runs back in to unlock the old-looking boxes in the hold. Cervane busts out and yells, "What the hell is going on in my camp?!" He makes a beeline for Roxy coming in with a massive swing which she deftly dodges before bringing out her large knife boot and expertly blocking his follow through.  He is between Roxy and the way out. Roxy casts fog to give her some cover.

Without a quick unlock spell Evie just grabs a random treasure box and rushes into the fog after Roxy, not liking the look of the quickly spreading blood pool coming towards her from the torture room.  Finn finally knocks out the last sky pirate as he scans for his friends through the fog.  As it starts to finally lift he catches a glimpse of everyone making it to the tree lines and they all rush into the forest to lose their pursuers and make their way back to the Symphony.

After a restful night in the relative safety of the Symphony the crew heads out for the glacier once more.  On the way Evie finally opens her ill gotten gains to find a strange pyramid shaped artifact.  The metal is red with black markings of an unknown script with the edges of the pyramid able to twist around.  Not matching with any known Wallmakers Evie knows about she shows the piece to Finn who is worried it may be some sort of Free Magic device.  He's believes it's an artifact from somewhere North of the Old Kingdom.  Hesitantly showing the piece to Corian he recognizes the writing as belonging to the Blood Horse tribe from sometime before the tribes where unified by the Athask.  Roxy is pretty sure she's seen similar devices in the Clayr's Library.


Rumors and Gossip
  • Corian = Rowan
  • Evaiel "Evie" = Dominique
  • Finn = Cale
  • Muriel = Tori
  • Rosael "Roxy" = Melissa

We were all called to the palace. There is dinner and a dance tonight. We are warned to be unarmed when we come to the palace (Abhorsens are allowed to bring in bells). Corian has been serving as a guard "escort" on the crew.

Palace Dinner/Dance Hall: Social Elite, Well Guarded

Roxy decides to bring her boot knife, against regulations. She looks gorgeous all in black. Muriel wears her formal pilot uniform but keeps her bells. Finn is wearing dress blues of Royal Mage Corps. Evie is dressed all fancy, so is Corian.

At the entrance to the hall there are some large cat charter sendings that growl at Finn… One tackles Finn to the ground. Guards rush over to him, pull him to his feet, and they tell him that he has to come with them. Finn shows them his invitation. The leader says they will have to cast a few spells to check him. Finn rambles off some explanation that this mall-security level guard buys. Finn gets into the party okay, he sighs in relief next to the punch bowl.

The same charter sendings tackle Roxy when she walks in. She looks around for someone she knows but the sending is pulling off her boot. Across the room Evie notices her as Roxy yells at the sending and guards approach her. Evie greets Roxy warmly as she tries to pull her away her boot. Evie implies that Roxy may have accidently by accident left something in her boot. Roxy lets the sending take her knife and the sending eats it. "AGRAH! That's my best knife!!" Roxy joins the party and she and Evie make a little small talk. Roxy says she owes Evie one.

Corian shows up the party and immediately is swarmed by girls. He calls out to Finn who was trying to be inconspicuous. They catch up a little. They have fought before maybe? Awkward, Corian accepts some punch from Finn. "Ah, Belisaere. It's big and hard and full of mysterious angles." Finn asks why Corian is here and how he got in here. He more or less dodges the question.

"I wanted to throw up when Corian arrived." Evie and Roxy chat more. When Corian hears his name he brings the rest over. 

Muriel thinks there's a group of girls looking at her. They are looking over her and giggling. Muriel targets Finn for her wingman.

Roxy notices two guards who look out of place, and they have a bright blue glow in their helmets. Roxy convinces Corian to come investigate the guards.

"Good evening ladies…" Finn is a pretty good wingman. Muriel accidently scares away all by Quinana. She says sorry for the others. Quinana's father is the head of the magic academy. She says the Magic Academy started talks with the Reformatory. She says there's been talk of experiments there. She says her father is somewhere around here. 

Evie spots a guy she thinks may be Quinana's dad walking upstairs with another guy. Evie is stopped by the guards and tries to talk her way around the guards. She says it's a girl thing and a female guard says she'll escort her upstairs. Evie tries to form a rapport with the female guard bonding over it being tough for a woman in a fighting role. The guard asks which room is Evie's once they get upstairs, she indicates the first room on the right. It's locked. "Oh shit, I've locked myself out. Oh this is so embarassing." The guard does a charter spell and unlocks the door, says she will wait outside for her. It's an empty bedroom, not Evie's bedroom.  There are windows but no easy way to the next floor up. She straightens herself up and heads back down with the guard.

Downstairs the music starts and Quinana asks Muriel to dance. Muriel is thrilled and says yes.

The blue light guards and guarding a door. Roxy sneaks up near them and as she gets closer the guard's helmet swivels towards her and seems to scan her up and down. Roxy gets spooked and goes back to Corian. He noticed some Charter marks emitted during that scan. He says he thinks they were sendings of some sort. Corian suggests Finn might know something about the layout of the castle.

Evie goes up to some cute boys and announces she wants to dance. She has several volunteers. 

There are some Royal Mage Corps guys looking unkindly towards Finn. Roxy points out the suspicious guards to Finn. Corian mentions he thinks they might be sendings. Finn has never seen these new guards before. That door is where the meeting we'll be going to tomorrow is located. Finn keys in on a small crest on the armor – a Wallmaker's symbol: Vasalok. The makers of very fancy sendings in the kingdom. He tells them to not poke the sendings and that they are the highest quality sendings in the kingdom. Finn has never seen Vasalok-made guards before. Roxy says she doesn't like that they scanned her.

Roxy agrees to dance with Corian. She's a little reluctant. A nobleman comes up to Corian hand slaps him in the face with a glove. "How dare you show your face in this house!" He says he caught Corian with his wife just yesterday. Muriel bows out of her dance and goes to stand with Roxy. Evie runs over and tries to imply that Corian is her lover and could not possibly have besmirched his wife. They nobleman is not having any of it. Evie implies that the nobleman is out of line since Corian is from another land and everyone was invited here under a peaceful flag. Muriel and Roxy nod knowingly. The nobleman apologizes and goes away. Evie slugs Corian in the arm and she walks away.

Finn approaches the Royal Mage Corps guys and salutes them. They are the Unseeing, the branch that deals with problems away from Belisaere. They are throwing shade at him. They talk testily about Finn's last mission where no one else made it back. "I would like to know what happened to them." "A lot of people would." The investigation is ongoing. Finn tells them when he awoke no one else was around. They are upset but they accept Finn's explanations and apologize. Finn talks to Farisean and asks him about the experiments in the Reformatory, quietly. Farisean says, "Not here. We'll talk soon." Finn asks about the Vasalok sendings – apparently they are prototypes that are being loaned on a trial basis. The Prince Reagent may end up purchasing more if they work out.

Muriel did get Quinana's calling card earlier in the night. After the party Roxy activates her Sight. She Sees the meeting tomorrow and all of us, then all of us on an airship and the Clayr's Glacier.

The next day before the meeting, Finn and Farisean talk about the Reformatory and the rumors. Farisean says Hastinean has asked him to turn Finn over to him. And this is one of the reasons Farisean is sending Finn away. Hastinean thinks Finn is host to a free magic entity and would take it out of him by any means necessary. The Prince Reagent also knows about Finn. Finn says he will redeem himself.

We all arrive for the meeting. We have to wait a bit. Roxy tells us we're heading to the Clayr's glacier. Corian is very interested in that. Muriel and Evie bicker. The door opens. Hastinean, the head of the Reformatory, slinks out and he lazily salutes Finn. He offers his hand but Finn holds the salute. He invites Finn to come in for an examination. Yikes. Muriel asks if Hastinean was coming on to Finn. Evie's meeting is after ours, the rest of us go in. Evie grabs Muriel and tells her to be careful, then pushes her in.

Palace Meeting Hall: Confined Space, Secure

Prince Regent Tiburolt is in the meeting room and so are the creepy guard-sendings. Finn salutes but the Prince seems to not stand for much ceremony. He motions us to sit and thanks us for attending. The Prince says the Princess has been missing for awhile and the Queen has been despondent. The Prince wants the Clayr to call the Nine-Day Watch but has not gotten a reply. The chests of gold and jewels are for the Clayr's fees. Finn feels like we're not getting the whole story. The Prince hands Muriel a scroll that is to be "opened by only Garnelle herself". Roxy asks why Evie is not here but the Prince says Evie's mission should bring her to the Clayr's glacier as well and for Muriel to wait for her before departing.

The last person to see the Princess was her chambermaid but it was the day after the Athask party left that she disappeared. Finn asks if the Princess was taken with any of them but she was not pleased with her possible arranged marriage to the Prince of the Athask. She said she would not marry anyone she did not love.

Meanwhile in the waiting room, the Abhorsen-in-Waiting shows up. Evie and Ramoniel nod at each other. Ramoniel says that the Abhorsen lost three today. Evie tells Ramoniel that she knows she carries a huge weight on her shoulders and please do call on her if she needs her. Ramoniel says that's why she's here today.

The Athask are not at the top of the suspect list. The Prince Reagent thinks the princess left of her own free will. The Queen blames herself for the argument they had. Corian inquires if the princess was interested in anyone else. Tiburolt says the Princess was taken with a girl from Waverly College. Scouts have been keeping an eye out for this girl, but Belisaere's resources are scarce beyond the wall. Finn is suspicious that we aren't getting the whole story, he doesn't quite believe the story of this girl across the wall. The Prince says the Sky Pirates are why the large party to escort the message and gold. We are to leave when the Symphony is ready to depart. Finn hangs back and asks Tiburolt if there's anything else he wants to tell him about the situation. The Prince tells the others to leave them and confesses the crown is a lonely position. Tiburolt slides him a key. There is some awkward misunderstanding but Finn takes the key when he tries to take it back. Tiburolt shows Finn his Charter mark and it too has a bit of corruption. Finn asks if he knows any more about the Princess but Tiburolt says no. The Prince Reagent says he will await Finn's return.

The Prince welcomes in Evie and Ramoniel, but he is a wee bit flushed. The Prince Reagent says there is a new threat to the Kingdom. Ramoniel passes her a sketch of two intertwined black stones with red writing across them. Evie has seen a similar picture in a book at the Glacier of the Clayr. She never read the actual text, but she does recognize the stones. Ramoniel's eyes light up in surprise and hope. She says three set popped up on the road between Chasel and Qrrye. They attract free magic and the dead. Charter magic is nullified around them and already six Abhorsens have been lost. They hand Evie a sachel of coins. Ramoniel says the stones literally sprung up overnight. The Clayr may be able to See something as well. Evie asks for something in writing that says Muriel is to take her to the Glacier of the Clayr. Evie is to send word by message hawk when she learns more. Ramoniel grabs Evie's hand and says thank you.

Muriel is prepping the Symphony for take-off. There are two permanent sendings, Maestro and Dozer, that help. The others are still in the waiting room. Evie is curious about where the Princess is even though she's looking for these stones instead. She tells them there's a book in the Clayr's Library with a picture of the stones in it. Roxy used to work in the Library! Evie mentions the Prince looked flushed. Corian is very interested in that and Finn tries to defend him.

Evie is interested in Hastinean but Finn mentions he thinks Hastinean wants to do experiments on him. That puts a damper on it.

Muriel keeps the message on her person and puts the treasure in the shared bunk. Muriel takes to the wind, and lets Maestro do the pipe organ. While Finn is on watch there starts to be some nasty storm clouds approaching. Muriel attempts to clear the weather but there's a Sky Pirate ambush waiting! It is the flag ship for Cervane plus four smaller paperwings.

The Symphony: Tight Quarters, Open Air

The Grim Gathers are coming! Muriel casts Deflect Arrows on herself. Corian casts a Wall of Wind spell. Evie sets a paperwing on fire with her Dark Fire spell. Muriel uses wind to spread those flames and the passengers bail out. Roxy casts Ice Spikes but another paperwing dodges out of the way. The Sky Pirates cast spells that slow the ship by Anchor to try and force the ship to land. Muriel shouts for the others to dispel the Anchors. Corian tries to set a paperwing on fire but the paperwing dodges. It spins somewhat out of control. It also dodges Evie's attack but Roxy ice-spikes it. Muriel calls lightning on that same paperwing and it finally goes down. Some Sky Pirates land on the edge and Evie rushes one and shoves him over the side, going with him. Muriel calls out "EVAIEL!" "It's EVELYN!" "Oh, she's okay." But Roxy makes a swashbuckling rescue of Evie by swinging on a rope.

Cervane lands on the deck of the ship and shouts "MURIEL!" "Aw fuck." He motions for his minions to cease fire. Muriel tries to provoke him. He is enraged. Corian uses this opportunity to move in with his glaive for a slash. Roxy engages one of the pirates, Evie swashbuckles another one right over the side.

In the hold Finn works on one of the Anchors and nullifies it! 

Cervane throws down a jug of blood and creates a magic circle to duel Corian. Muriel senses that Cervane is a greater dead and that death is spreading on the ship. But Muriel knows from experience that Bells do not affect him like you would expect of a Dead thing. Corian is attacked by Cervane in the circle and gets smacked in the face by his own weapon. Corian shoots Rock Shards at him but Cervane nullifies it with a blast of Free Magic. Muriel calls a torrent of rain to wash away the circle of blood. Evie rings Saraneth but Cervane mostly looks annoyed.

Finn is running upstairs now that blood is running down. The pirates attack us with swords! We are not doing so hot. Corian casts a caging spell on Cervane normally reserved for Free Magic creatures. The Charter spell cage holds him. Roxy throws Ice Spikes at Cervane but he parries with his sword. Muriel calls a Lightning Bolt down on him, he smolders in the not sexy way. Evie burns him with Dark Fire and Cervane screams. Finn slaps some rando pirate across the deck.

Cervane throws the tentacled thing to the ground and steps out of the cage. Muriel and Evie's death sense picks up a minor dead under the deck. They also sense Cervane seems like a normal Greater Undead now. Evie heads below deck. Cervane slices at the cage and dispells it. Corian attacks Cervane with Rock Shards and it seems to tear him up. Muriel uses Saraneth to bind Cervane.

Meanwhile below decks Evie sees a 2D blood creature undead that she has never encountered before. She pulls out Kibeth to make the creature walk into death. She rings it weakly but the blood shadow wobbles and turns into a normal pool of blood.

Finn lightning bolts the Free Magic creature and it screams in pain. That scream also causes Finn's arm to twinge. Seeing the tide of battle turning against them, the pirates grab the captain and shove him over. One, disoriented, remains on deck. We take him captive.

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