The Corruption Stones


An account of the Corruption Stones written by Numiel, 31st Abhorsen

The Corruption Stones appeared in the fifteenth year of the reign of King Ignamaigne.  She who was known as                 was the one who discovered how to destroy the stones.  It was she who discovered the stones were not just being used to cause trouble to the Kingdom but to obfuscate the actions of Chancellor Jarlo who sought to usurp the throne.  The Stones, by their very nature were able to block the Clayr’s Sight and hide Jarlo’s true intentions from all.

           discovered the true nature of the stones near the Line of No Return in the western sea.  The eggs of the Void Dwellers when planted in  Death create the six stones with a seventh only being visible in the Seventh Precinct of Death.  Only when the seventh stone was destroyed with Ytanitha, the Blade Beyond the Gates, would the other six become vulnerable and able to be destroyed.

            finally confronted Jarlo at the Northern City of the Clayr.  She defeated him, but not before he summoned Corruption Stones larger than any buildings in the city.  Bidding me and the Clayr to evacuate the city she destroyed the last of the Stones but not without great cost.  The Library and all the city was swallowed up in what is now known as the Great Rift.  She was taken to the Ninth gate.  There she forsook her vows as an Abhorsen and become an unholy Abomination hungering for life with power greater than any other dead known.  Knowing I could not defeat her, we sealed the city in Enscorcelled Ice no fire could melt at the bottom of the rift.  I struck from all books any mention of her name.  To be an Abhorsen and choose to become one of the dead is unforgivable.  From this day forward she will only be known as The Forsaken.

The Corruption Stones

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