A brilliant archaeologist moonlighting as an abhorson


Evie has wavy raven’s hair which cascades past her shoulders down to her lower back. Snow white skin completes her classic abhorsen looks. She has sharp pixie features and a twinkle of mischief in her dark gray eyes.


Evielle is haunted by the death of her 8 year old sister. In a tragic accident during her abhorsen training, she and Muriel saw their 8 year old sister dragged into death by one of the greater dead.

Blaming herself, Evielle threw herself into archaeology and the search for lost treasures. At first her new career was a way of searching for anything that would bring her closer to her dead sister, but over time the life of adventure and the thrill of the hunt have become a part of her. While she still takes her job of abhorsen very seriously, she would rather search for treasure than the dead these days.


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