Runaway Clayr, member of the Nightblades.


As with all Clayr Roxie has the typical Clayr features of tanned skin and platinum hair. Unlike most Clayr however Roxie keeps her hair short, both for functionality and fashion, and has the ends dyed a now faded purple. Being a member of the Nightblades Roxie dresses for utility and stealth, no excess frills and usually in darker tones.


Roxie grew up at the Clayr’s Glacier but never felt quite like she belonged. When she was old enough to try and fit in somewhere she became a librarian in the Glacier’s immense library, here she made a few friends but ultimately she did not remain here long. She snuck aboard an airship and ran away eventually meeting up with a small mercenary gang. She traveled with them and learned about mercenary work and finally found her place in the world. Soon after she joined Mal and the Nightblades specializing in stealth and undercover work.


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