Tag: Brigands


  • Cervane

    Leader of the Grim Gathers, Cervane is not a man to be trifled with. Assuming he is still just a man. Many believe he may be one of the greater dead or a free magic creature wearing the shape of a man. Either way Cervane and the Grim Gathers are the …

  • Kilian Wolfgang

    Kilian is the backer from Ancelstierre who funds Ferenk Acquisitions and Mercantile LLC. He sets up the deals with collectors on behalf of Lenariel.

  • Lenariel

    Finding the Abhorsen business highly unprofitable, Lenariel created Ferenk Acquisitions & Mercantile LLC with a backer from Ancelstierre. She turned her back on the vows of the Abhorsens and now hunts for magic relics to sell to collectors over the wall.