Tag: Clayr


  • Garnelle

    Currently part of the Triumvirate that rules the Clayr. Garnelle is by far the most powerful Clayr in the glacier when using the Sight, even more so when working alongside her two sisters Rubien and Saphir. She is also part Abhorsen and said to be one of …

  • Rubien

    Part of the triumvirate that rules over the Clayr, Rubien is also Captain of the Guard for the Clayr. A fierce warrior, it is said she can use her Sight to dodge blows and know exactly when to strike at opponents.

  • Saphir

    Sister to Rubien and Garnelle, Saphir is part of the Triumvirate that rules the Clayr. One of the more powerful Charter Mages among the Clayr she also oversees their training.

  • Peralle

    Despite her nervous demeanor, when it comes to the Library, Peralle will fight harder than any other Clayr in the glacier in defense of knowledge. She remembers Evalynne's last visit to the glacier and does not look forward to seeing her again. An …