Tag: Royalty


  • Queen Korrinasine

    Queen Korrinasine was well respected in her time by the Kingdom. In her youth she saw the Kingdom through peaceful and profitable times, even working with Ancelstierre on trade agreements and helping see them through a famine crisis only two years ago. …

  • Princess Aranelle

    The daughter of Queen Korrina and King Dartaan, who himself was one of the rare male Clayr. Princess Aranelle has been groomed since birth to be the heir to the Kingdom. She never showed any distaste for the duties expected of her. Thus it has come as …

  • Tiburolt

    Tiburolt grew up alongside Aranelle, learning the ways of castle life alongside his studies as a Charter Mage and Abhorsen. He is next in line to ascend the throne should Aranelle not be found before the death of the Queen. It is a responsibility he …

  • Kanaan

    The Prince of Athask who recently visited the Old Kingdom looking to honor his arranged marriage to Princess Aranelle. He is known to be an accomplished warrior and has fought many times in defense of his Kingdom.