Order of the Nine Bright Shiners

The Church of the Nine Bright Shiners is the dominant religion on the Isle of Wailing Pines.  Many of its tenants are similar to those of the Church of Seven Bells in the Old Kingdom.  However, in addition to the Seven who created the Charter the Church of the Nine also teaches about Yrael the Peacemaker, and Orannis the Ending.

A large part of the church is the Order of the Nine.  An order of monks who strive to live in harmony with both Free Magic and the Charter.  Branches of this order derive their names from the Nine Bright Shiners.

The Ranna are a branch of diviners not unlike the Clayr.  Unlike the visions of the Clayr which can be seen in mirrored surfaces The Ranna receive their vision in dreams and can often interpret the dreams of others to foretell future events.

The Mosrael are powerful healers.  They often carry an incomplete set of bells, only keeping around those that might be useful for calling back the recently deceased.  A power used only sparingly and only if it will not upset the natural order of things.

The Kibeth are pilgrims among the order.  They wander the island or often into the mainland to try and educate the world at large about harmony between Free and Charter magic.  Corian is currently a Kibeth in the Order of the Nine.

The Dyrim are greater orators and leaders in the church. 

The Belgaer are the philosophers and archivists within the order.  They may travel far seeking greater wisdom.

The Saraneth seek out any threats to the island to bind them from doing harm to the people of Wailing Pines.

The Astareal are the Abhorsens of the island.  They are free magic necromancers, but unlike the Free Magic necromancers of the mainland they do not wield the bells for power, destruction, or vengeance.  Like the Abhorsens they only ring the bells in defense against the dead that might do harm to them and others.

The Yrael are peacemakers.  Often employed as judges and mediators to settle disputes.  The Church of the Nine believe that Yrael, known as Mogget to some, was not a coward when he chose not to take sides, but was rather trying to keep the peace between Orannis and the Seven.

The Orannis seek to destroy any dead that defy the natural order of things.  If an Astareal goes against the order and starts to use the bells for evil the Orannis hunt them down.  If greater dead are spotted around the island they join forces with an Astareal to stop it.  They believe that at the ending of all things Orannis will arise once more to reap the world so that life can start anew.  He does not destroy simply for the sake of destruction, but with great purpose.



Order of the Nine Bright Shiners

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