Isle of Wailing Pines

The Isle of Wailing Pines is off the far North Eastern coast of the mainland.  The island cut itself off from the mainland many years ago and islanders typically only return to the mainland to take husbands or wives from time to time.  This large island is heavily forested with large game not seen on the mainland such as Dire Moose and Giant Sloths.  Roughly a quarter of the island is barren wasteland.  When the wind blows across the island the dead hollowed trees in The Barrows can be heard all over, giving the island it's name.  No one knows what happened in The Barrows so that nothing grows there and only Dead and Free Magic creatures thrive.  Many legends and stories tell of a grand arcane battle that caused the devastation.  The truth may forever be lost to time.

A. Coventina – Named after a water goddess Coventina is the largest port city on the island.  Its proximity to the Cinnamon Forest brings traders from both Athask and the Old Kingdom due to the many rare spices harvested and grown on that part of the island.  

B. Dughall – A smaller town on the island, many of the people of dughall are descended from the Silver Moon clan of Athask.  Once great rangers of the forest and protectors of ancient ways, they now patrol the borders of the forest on the lookout for Free Magic creatures and Wood Wyrds that may threaten the people of the island.

C. Weylyn- The proximity to Rowan Hollows and its large supply of Rowan trees makes Weylyn the seat of the local mages guild on the island.  While smaller mage halls can be found across the island they all operate under the guidance of the Sky Horse council of Weylyn.

D. Taliesin- Located between the Eastern and Western branches of the Telies River the people of Teliesin are mostly farmers and artists.  Its bards and performers are highly sought after as entertainers across the island and even in the Kingdom of Athask.

E. Huetzil- Importing Rowan wood from Weylyn, Huetzil is known for its artificers who specialize in wands, staves, and all manner of both Free Magic and Charter Magic artifacts.

F. Graskul- Boasting the only castle on the island, Graskul is situated in the Etersia Mountains.  Many of people of Graskul are descendants of the Athask tribe.  The mountains are even said to even be home of the Athask cat from which the tribe got its name.   They are known for their great warriors skilled with many weapons.

G. Mabon- Descended largely from the Water Horse tribe, Mabon has the only shipyard on the island.  Their sailors and weather witches are first rate.

H. Kirwyn – The people of Kirwyn are largely descended from the Velisr tribe, who wore the skins of large reptiles they hunted of the same name.  People of Kelwyn are typically darker skinned.  They are mostly and agricultural society and have domesticated the once dangerous Velisr which the use now as cattle or transport.

I. Breanainn- Mining metals from the Etersia Mountains the people of Breanainn are miners and smiths.  You will find no sharper swords on the island than those forged in Breanainn.

J. Elidor- The largest cathedral to the Nine can be found on Elidor.  Many monks, philosophers, and pious people gather in Elidor.  Even Orannis is celebrated as he is seen as less of a force of destruction and more a god of death.  This has been known to cause some disagreements.

The Telies and The Elidos are the western and eastern rivers which run through the island.

The peninsula on the western border of The Barrows is a favored spot of the small fishing villages living along the archipelago breaking off from it to gather spirit glass for the creation of powerful free magic arrows.  Few free magic creatures and wood wyrds deign to go there as being surrounded by that much water has a tendency to ward them off.

Isle of Wailing Pines

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