Three Sisters at the Gate


Addendum Added in the 16th year of the Reign of King Touchstone by Chief Librarian Vancelle, daughter of the Clayr.


Three Sisters at the Gate


The loss of one destroyed the three

Disrupting strength of family

When kin did fail and fall that day

The three set out their separate way


The first sought solace beneath the earth

Seeking treasures of dubious worth

She sought to lose herself in Thought

Until all pain at last Forgot


The second took flight into the air

Seeking adventure without care

She tamed the wind, Bound to her Will

The sun she Shackled to fight the chill


The third they left in waters deep

Floating endlessly a soul to keep

She Sleeps there still beneath that lake

Awaiting the day she will Awake             


To break the Ice, to fight against fate

Three sisters Sing now at the Gate

To the city of Sight they have been taken

To seek kindred lost, denounced, Forsaken

Three Sisters at the Gate

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